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15% Off | Handlehub Announces Spring Sales

Saturday, 9 March 2013  |  Israr Sarwar

Over the last few long, cold wintry months I am sure many of those home improvement projects have been kept on hold in hope that better weather would be on its way to help performs those tasks.

Well now Spring 2013 is upon us (hotly debated whether it started on the 1st March or the 20th/21st March - so we have gone bang in the middle) and this brings life and bloom back to Britain, providing a more conducive environment to perform those home improvement and DIY projects.

And what better to way to celebrate the beginning of Spring? Yes - we have only gone and given all our customers a 15% off ALL our products, right through from door and UPVC handles, locks, finger plates, pull handles and many more.

I am sure you thought it couldn't get much better than this either but we have also on gone and reduced our delivery charges as well! From now on, mainland UK standard delivery will now be free from £35 onwards and express delivery will be free from £100 onwards.

We hope that this will help you get best value out of our products and services, and if you have any queries about any of our products please do not hesitate to contact the Handlehub team at


The Handlehub Team